San Diego Stolen Lives 1980-Present

How does UAPTSD count law enforcement perpetrated fatalities?

So far, we count with traditional reporting on witness statements, by monitoring regional news outlets, research groups, police scanner info and open -source reporting projects – crediting appropriately though our creative commons mission.

What is included in Uaptsd #StolenLives database?

Any deaths arising directly from encounters with law enforcement – by both on and off duty as well as retired officers. This will inevitably include, but not be limited to, people who were shot, tasered and struck by LEO (government and state) officers vehicles, a high speed chase initiated by an officer which led to the death of person suspected of a crime and any bystanders, family members and domestic partners of law enforcement as well those who died in custody, including jails, prisons and immigrant detention centers. We also report on MTS and other private security companies which equip. guards with police grade weapons who have used brutal force which was responsible for their death.

Victims datacards

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Officer(s) Involved
City/Town Location
Approx. Address
Cause of Death
Description of Incident based on News Media Outlets
Aaron Adams - 9/4/1983MSan Diego Sheriff9/4/198316William CowlesGunJamulUnknownGun ShotAaron Adams, a 16-year-old Jamul student who was reportedly distraught over a romantic breakup, was shot by Deputy Sheriff William Cowles when he brandished his parents' pistol and threatened to kill himself before aiming the gun at officers.
Aaron Lee DeVenere - 1/25/2014MSan Diego Police1/25/201427Richard ButeraUnarmedEscondido3050 S Centre City Pkwy, Escondido, 92025, San Diego, CAGun Shotallegedly took a female driver hostage after they were pulled over for a traffic violation. Police claim DeVenere first exited the vehicle aggressively but then reentered the vehicle. He then forced the driver to flee, leading police on a chase that ended when Butera killed him with a single shot. Police claim DeVenere told them via cell phone he had a gun and explosives but neither was found at the scene.
Aaron Scott Stitt - 8/29/2013MSan Diego Sheriff8/29/201343UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownIn Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Abdul Khaulik Mohamad - 5/1/2004MSan Diego Sheriff5/1/200432UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Abel Alfaro - 6/11/2012MCDC/CDR6/11/201226UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Abel Oceguera - 9/5/2009MCDC/CDR9/5/200935UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Abraham Clark - 11/4/2011MSan Diego Sheriff11/4/201134UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Adam Ponce - 11/9/1987MCDC/CDR11/9/198733UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Adan Canseco - 11/8/1997MSan Diego Sheriff11/8/199720Hernan GonzalezUnarmedVista2251 Primrose Ave Vista, CA 92083Gun ShotDeputy González was struggling with Mr. Canseco, who was down on the ground while his unrestrained companion was a short distance away. Claiming he feared for his life, the deputy shot the unarmed Canseco in the back and killed him. The shooting was ruled justified. on Primrose Avenue near Lobelia Drive
Adolfo Vargas Tovar - 5/24/2013MSan Diego Police5/24/201347Jerome JoaquinCamilo GutierrezJames PickettNoe Cordero Jason ScottUnarmedBay Terraces7420 Woodridge Way San Diego, CA 92114Gun ShotSan Diego SWAT Officers Jerome Joaquin, James Pickett, Noe Cordero and Jason Scott and National City police Officer Camilo Gutierrez fatally shot Adolfo Tovar, 47, after he robbed a gas station, shot a Bay Terraces resident and held two others hostage before aiming his car at SWAT officers.
Adrian Correa - 6/21/2007MSan Diego Sheriff6/21/200721UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Adrian Raye Perez - 5/5/2001MSan Diego Sheriff5/5/200125UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Adrian Vincent Sanchez - 5/3/2016MSan Diego Sheriff5/3/2016U/KUnknownN/AUnknownUnknownPending InvestigationNo Further Information, Pending Research
Alan Jay Kosakoff - 10/1/2007MSan Diego Police10/1/200735Benjamin DouglasBrian LenahanUnarmedDel Mar14122 Half Moon Bay Dr Del Mar, CA 92014Gun ShotSan Diego Police Officers Brian Lenahan and Benjamin Douglas shot Alan Jay Kosakoff, 35, following a car chase when he tried to back his car over officers in the driveway of his mother’s Del Mar Heights home. He died six weeks later from his injuries.
Albert Eugene Gomez - 9/18/1980MSan Diego Police9/18/198039UnknownHatchetUnknownUnknownGun ShotAlbert Eugene Gomez, 39, a Spring Valley roofer distraught over domestic problems, was shot and killed after he ignored commands to surrender and Immigration & Naturalization Servicetead hurled tools including a roofer's hatchet at police officers during a disturbance in the 400 block of 29th Street.
Albert Manuel Varela - 1/22/1988MSan Diego Sheriff1/22/198828S. T. RileyJ. J. RodiRonald K. BrownJon EllisCarlos RodriguezRoy DeVaultUnarmedSD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108Excessive ForceA fight ensued, 6 deputies tried to subdue Varela, DeVault applied a carotid restraint hold on Varela's neck Varela eventually fell face down on the floor.With blood coming out of his nose, Varela was handcuffed and dragged by his legs--with his chin scraping the floor--and placed Immigration & Naturalization Serviceide a padded safety cell, where his vital signs were examined and found to be weak, the district attorney said. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. officer not held responsible
Albert Suna - 6/1/1999MSan Diego Sheriff6/1/199928Terry LawsonGunRancho Santa Fe5690 Cancha De Golf, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091Gun ShotSheriff's deputies shot and killed a bank robbery suspect during an exchange of gunfire at a golf course yesterday evening while stunned golfers looked on. The slain man and a companion had been chased from Solana Beach, where authorities say they robbed a Wells Fargo Bank branch north of Lomas Santa Fe Drive just east of Interstate 5
Alberto Cruz Peraza - 7/28/2006MSan Diego Sheriff7/28/200634Steven HoenigAaron RhinelanderDiane BrownEdward WiltSaul RodriguezShawn KobsRoberto CardenasN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death Drug OverdoseDied in Custody, At the time of his death, Mr. Peraza had been identified as a suspect, but not yet arrested, in a residential burglary that occurred fourteen days earlier on July 12, 2006. Police personnel involved in Mr. Peraza’s arrest and transport to County Jail included Officers Ernest Pierce, Charles Nagy, Shannon Hart, Matt Randolph, Leslie Stewart, and Lori Nelson. Sheriff’s personnel involved in taking custody of Mr. Peraza included Deputies Roberto Cardenas, Shawn Kobs, Edward Wilt, Saul Rodriguez, Diane Brown, Steven Hoenig, and Aaron Rhinelander.
Alberto Hernandez - 9/28/2015MSan Diego Police9/28/201556Jeffrey McCoyBrandon LullJonathan WellsToy GunSan Ysidro1150 W San Ysidro Blvd San Diego, CA 92173Gun ShotSan Diego police Officers Jeffrey McCoy, Jonathan Wells and Brandon Lull fatally shot Alberto Hernandez, 59, outside a San Ysidro apartment after he ignored commands to drop what turned out to be a replica gun. Hernandez had called 911 and said he was going to kill a female companion.
Alejandro Jimenez - 3/22/2002MSan Diego Police3/22/200224Phillip FranchinaJames MorrisonJohn StadlerPhillip KaufmanPhillip Rice IVRonald WeissAlbert MasseyUnarmedMidway3751 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA 92110Gun ShotCity Heights resident, was shot dead March 22 at a Rosecrans Street shopping center 14 hours after being released from a county psychiatric hospital. Police were called about 11 p.m. after Jimenez used a mop handle to hit a window at a See's store. Officers tried to subdue Jimenez with pepper spray and Baton blows, nunchakus, a Taser and four beanbag shotgun rounds were all used on Jimenez, who grabbed one of the batons and struck an officer in the elbow. The officers fired 39 rounds. Jimenez was hit 31 times.incident was recorded on camera by tourists police are investigating whether one of their officers violated a department policy when he drove Alejandro Jimenez to the county psychiatric hospital and left him there without turning him over to a doctor
Alex Rocha - 8/19/2014MCDC/CDR8/19/201445UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Alex Royal Majeska - 8/19/2005MCarlsbad Police8/19/200532UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownAccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Alexander Irvin Primeaux II - 7/6/1988MSan Diego Police7/6/198833UnknownN/AUniversity CityUnknownIn Custody Death Drug Overdoseallegedlly robbed a University City drugstore consumed some of the stolen medication before his arrest and passed out in the back seat of a squad car.
Alexander James Culley - 5/31/2008MSan Diego Police5/31/200823Javier CarranzaGunGolden Hill1148 25th St, San Diego, CA 92102Gun ShotSan Diego police Officer Javier Carranza fatally shot robbery suspect Alexander Culley, 23, after he pointed a gun at the officer. Shortly before that he had attempted to rob a market in Golden Hill.
Alexander Martin - 3/15/2012MUS Customs & Border Patrol3/15/201234UnknownUnarmedPine ValleyBuckman Springs Road, Pine Valley, 91962, San Diego, CAExcessive ForceMartin was driving a rental car from Texas to San Diego. He was allegedly driving the wrong way on Interstate 8. Border Patrol agents pursued him and he did not pull over. Agents set up a trap that flattened his car tires. When Martin did not get out of the car, an agent deployed a Taser. The car exploded into flames, killing him.
Alexandro Rodriguez - 3/30/2005MSan Diego Police3/30/200525Wayne DoedenGunGatewayUnknownGun ShotSan Diego police Officer Wayne Doeden fatally shot Alexandro Rodriguez, 25, after he was pulled over in a stolen car. Rodriguez got into a scuffle with the officer and was shot when pulled out a gun. A 2-year-old girl was found unhurt in the car.
Alfred Olango - 9/27/2016MEl Cajon Police9/27/201630Richard GonsalvesUnarmedEl Cajon777 Broadway El Cajon, CA 92021Gun ShotEl Cajon police Officer Richard Gonsalves fatally shot Alfred Olango, 38, outside an apartment building on Broadway after Olango appeared to aim what was later identified as a vaping device at officers. Officer Josh McDaniel fired a Taser. Olango’s sister had called 911 to report he was behaving strangely.
Alfred Varela - 6/24/1995MCDC/CDR6/24/199538UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Alma Catalina Agrio - 3/26/1988FSan Diego Police3/26/198823Pablo AgrioUnarmedParadise Hills2800 Alta View Dr San Diego, CA 92139Gun ShotAlma was a trainee with San Diego Police married to Officer Pablo Agrio, when Alma came home drunk one night, Pablo attacked her, as Alma was completely helpless and submissive, Her husband shot her in the back of the head, Pablo Agrio is currently serving 17 years to life in prison. filed a complaint five months before with San Diego Police
Alvaro Vega-Haro - 4/10/1989MUS Customs & Border PatrolSan Diego Police4/10/198939Rick AmosRichard EnsignVehicleSan Ysidro122 Cottonwood Road San Diego, CA 92173Gun ShotSan Diego police officers shot and killed a man Monday night in San Ysidro after he twice tried to run them over with his car
Anastasio Hernandez Rojas - 5/28/2010MUS Customs & Border Patrol5/28/201042UnknownUnarmedSan Ysidro Border720 E San Ysidro Blvd, San Diego, CA 92173Excessive Forcea Mexican citizen, died after being taed an brutalized by several Border Patrol agents
Andres Englishhoward - 10/9/1995MSan Diego Sheriff10/9/199531UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Andrew Franci Ferola - 10/6/1981MSan Diego Sheriff10/6/198139UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Andrew Joseph Yacko - 8/19/2011MLa Mesa Police8/19/201135Marcus PatrickTim PurdyScott HildebrandScott DreyerScott WulfingRudolfo SalazarGunLa Mesa4800 Pine St, La Mesa, 91942, San Diego, CAGun ShotLa Mesa police Officers Tim Purdy, Scott Hildebrand, Scott Dreyer, Marcus Patrick, Rudolfo Salazar and Scott Wulfing fatally shot Andrew Joseph Yacko, 35, when he aimed a .12-gauge pump shotgun at them while standing in the street. The officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call.
Angel Alfonso Montero - 1/13/1994MSan Diego Police1/13/199438Ray ShayDavid M. HeadleyGunCity Heights4355 41st St San Diego, CA 92105Gun ShotSan Diego police Sgt. Raymond A. Shay and Officer David M. Headley shot and fatally wounded Angel Alfonso Montero, 38, of Mexico, when he aimed a sawed-off shotgun at San Diego police officers responding to a home-invasion robbery at a house in City Heights.
Angel Dejesus Rodriguez - 12/21/2008MCDC/CDR12/21/200822UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179AccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Angel Miguel Lopez - 1/17/2013MSan Diego Police1/17/201327Kris WalbUnarmedCollege Area5400 Reservoir Dr San Diego, CA 92115Gun ShotOfficers surrounded an apartment complex after receiving a report that two wanted parolees were there and at least one was armed. After several hours the men fled and one was cornered. Angel was fatally shot after refusing to show his hands and reaching into his pockets.He was unarmed.
Angelina Rose Sprecco - 12/25/1989FSan Diego Police12/25/198921Mark CunninghamUnarmedUnknownUnknownGun ShotAfter celebrating Christmas, a San Diego police trainee fatally shot his fiancee in the head as he demonstrated how to draw a gun
Anna Bernice Wade - 4/28/2013FSan Diego Sheriff4/28/201364UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownIn Custody Death Suicideused a bed sheet to hang herself from her bunk at Las Colinas Women's Correctional Facility.
Anthony Castellano - 2/2/2011MCDC Parole Agent2/2/201142Sean TorphyBruce BaenzigerGunMiramarPrint Shope Bldg30, San Diego, CA 92158Gun ShotAllegedly pointed a handgun at the uniformed agents, who opened fire on him. He was taken to a hospital, where he died about 8 p.m. Police said Castellano was wanted for questioning about a San Diego burglary.
Anthony Derek Tumminia - 9/13/1990MSan Diego Police9/13/199022John CainRonald FeatherlyBatonOcean Beach4900 W Point Loma Blvd San Diego, CA 92107Gun ShotShot to death by officers Cain and detective Ronald Featherly, after illegally searching Anthony's car, police claim he took the officer's baton and attacked them. Tumminia's mother has filed a lawsuit for wrongful death of her son
Anthony Dunton - 9/1/2012MSan Diego Sheriff9/1/201245Kurtis G. KellasChainUCSD Medical Center1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108Gun ShotSheriff’s Deputy Kurtis G. Kellas fatally shot Anthony Dunton, 45, an inmate whose restraints were loosened so he could get treatment at UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest. Dunton swung a chain from his restraints at two deputies and a medical technician before being shot with a Taser and then a gun.
Anthony Gagliardo - 7/?/1979MEl Cajon Police7/?/197923GarciaWooden ObjectEl CajonUnknownGun Shotyelled an obscenity at him from a parked car, then followed Garcia to his home in El Cajon. Garcia jumped from his car and attempted to run Immigration & Naturalization Serviceide his house, but dropped his keys. He turned around and saw Gagliardo running after him with a 26-inch stick. July 1979
Anthony John Deveros - 11/23/2001MSan Diego Police11/23/200134John SzakaraJohn CarpenterCarl PiraGunCollege Area4950 Yerba Santa Dr, San Diego, CA 92115Gun ShotPolice shot and killed a 34-year-old man early yesterday during a gunfight involving three officers in an exclusive neighborhood near San Diego State University, Toyon Road in the Alvarado Estates
Anthony Lynell Ashford - 10/27/2015MSan Diego Harbor Police10/27/201529Sulimoni AhfookUnarmedPoint Loma4865 N Harbor Dr San Diego, CA 92106Gun ShotHarbor Police officer Sulimoni Ahfook fatally shot Anthony Ashford, 29, after the two struggled over the officer's gun in a parking lot at the Holiday Inn on Harbor Drive near Nimitz Boulevard in San Diego. The officer reportedly approached a man who he thought was casing cars when the suspect attacked him.
Anthony Reed - 6/23/1998MSan Diego Sheriff6/23/199823Chuck KettGunValley Center33750 Valley Center Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082Gun ShotDeputy Chuck Kett went on the Rincon Indian Reservation with his pistol in his lap, allegedly responding to a call of a man standing in the road firing a gun into the air. Deputy Kett claims Anthony Reed tried to conceal the gun and that after the deputy got out of his car, Anthony supposedly “raised his shotgun to eye level” and walked toward him, pointing the gun at him. Deputy Kett shot Anthony in the head, arm and shoulder, killing him. The man who was with Anthony contradicted the police account, saying Anthony never pointed the gun at the deputy
Anthony Scott Tyler - 10/21/1986MUS Customs & Border Patrol10/21/198624UnknownKnifeCamp PendletonUnknownGun Shotshot and killed by a Border Patrol at Camp Pendleton after he ran the San Onofre checkpoint has been identified as an escapee from a Michigan prison who went on a crime spree there after fleeing
Anthony Shivers - 3/18/2008MCDC/CDR3/18/200840UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Anthony Steele - 10/7/1991MSan Diego Police10/7/199131Dawn SummersUnarmedDowntownUnknownExcessive ForceThey arrested Steele and after a brief struggle, hogtied him by placing his hands in cuffs behind him and tying his feet with rope. He was placed in the back of a patrol car on his stomach and taken to a county mental health center. By the time he arrived, Steele was not breathing and never regained consciousness. near the greyhound station downtown
Anthony Wacker - 9/11/2009MNorth County Transit Security (NCTS)9/11/200920Sam TavallodiUnarmedVistaUnknownGun ShotSecurity guard Sam Tavallodi, who was working for the North County Transit District, fatally shot Anthony Wacker, 20, at the Vista Transit Center. An argument between the two men led to the shooting. Tavallodi was not prosecuted in the shooting, but Wacker’s family won a wrongful death suit.
Antonio Jose Osorio - 12/2/2012MCalifornia Highway Patrol12/2/201227David BigalkJeffrey GuyPhillip JonesRyan HarrisonUnarmedEl Cajon1892 Greenfield Dr El Cajon, CA 92021Gun ShotThree California Highway Patrol officers chased Osorio at high speed in the early morning hours. Osorio crashed and rolled his vehicle but emerged alive. Officers report that the victim made threatening gestures and lunged at them, causing them to fire 33 shots. Eighteen of them hit. Osorio was unarmed. Greenfield Drive at La Cresta
Antonio Lacsina (aka Clifford Smith) - 4/14/1988MSan Diego Police4/14/198848David BertrandKnifeNormal Heights4700 Oregon St San Diego, CA 92116Gun ShotAntonio Lacsino, 40, was shot once in the chest by Officer David Bertrand after he reportedly lunged at another officer with a knife in an antique store in Normal Heights.
Apolinar Nieblas Cervantes - 8/23/1986MUS Customs & Border Patrol8/23/198624Thaddeus SzymczakWooden ObjectUS/Mexico BorderUnknownGun ShotApolinar Nieblas Cervantes, 24, of Tijuana, was shot and killed in an attack on a Border Patrol agent west of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Border Agent Thaddeus Szymczak fired a single shot in self-defense after the man threw two pieces of lumber at him and charged him carrying a rock, investigators said.
Armando Lazos - 8/14/2005MNational City PoliceSan Diego Sheriff8/14/200539David EspirituGregory DumasWilliam StrasenDavid BavencoffDamian BallardoAlex HernandezKenneth SpringerLuke PowellToy GunNational City2744 Granger Ave National City, CA 91950Gun ShotSeven police officers and a deputy returned fire, killing Lazos. He was shot 56 times. An investigation later determined that 97 rounds had been fired in a span of roughly three seconds. Lazos' weapon was later determined to be an air-powered handgun that did not fire bullets, after a 4 hour standoff in his car, police claim he fired a pellet gun at them provoking them to shoot near a cemetery on Granger Street in Lincoln Acres killed on his birthday
Armando Ramir Rabago - 11/20/1990MSan Diego Sheriff11/20/199028UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Arnaldo Devilla Castillo - 9/18/1991MSan Diego Police9/18/199134Kenneth Fortier Jr.Sylvester WadeBen HarrisGunParadise HillsUnknownGun Shotpolice officers were legally justified in using deadly force agaImmigration & Naturalization Servicet a Southeast San Diego man suspected of killing an officer
Arthur Daum - 5/10/2001MSan Diego Police5/10/200141UnknownN/ANorth Park3829 Arnold Ave San Diego, CA 92104Can Not Be DeterminedA man died last night after being arrested for running through traffic and trying to enter cars, San Diego police said. He suffered a seizure while in custody and died on University and Arnold
Arthur Lopez - 8/26/1984MSan Diego Sheriff8/26/198418UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108AccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Arthur Raymond Diaz - 1/26/2001MEscondido Police1/26/200124Damon VandervorstDavid CramerGunEscondido200 S Kalmia St Escondido, CA 92025Gun ShotOfficers killed Arturo Diaz, 24, of Escondido on Jan. 26 after he allegedly pointed a gun at an officer. Eddie Villa, was with him at the time of the shooting and said in a January interview he never saw his nephew pull a gun on the officers as police allege.Villa said Diaz was only trying to reposition his body because of leg cramps when officers shot him several times. East Second Avenue and Kalmia Street
Arturo Alberto Gonzalaz - 9/27/1999MNational City Police9/27/199929Aaron StevesonDavid GrandeFrancisco GonzalezTodd BrehartKnifeNational CityUnknownGun ShotNational City police Officer Aaron Steveson shot and killed Arturo Alberto Gonzalez, 29, an escaped psychiatric patient who confronted officers while naked and holding a knife. In 2002 the city reached settlement of $80,000 with Gonzalez' family.
Arturo Arota Margate Jr. - 6/7/2002MSan Diego Sheriff6/7/200235Gerald RabidouRandel WilkinsJeff SchmidtRobert SmithJohn SpachToy GunFallbrookUnknownGun ShotSheriff’s Deputies Gerald Rabidou, Randel Wilkins, Jeff Schmidt, Robert Smith and John Spach fired at Arturo Margate, Jr., 35, fatally wounding him in his parents' board-and-care home in Fallbrook when Margate broke a window and pointed a BB gun at a deputy.
Arturo Sanchez-Aquino - 6/5/1999MSan Diego Police6/5/1999U/KBlaine FergusonGunCity HeightsUnknownGun ShotSan Diego police officers responding to a report of a bar fight on University Avenue shot and killed a man late last night, department officials said. Police were called to the Rainbow Bar and Grill near 42nd Street about 10:20 p.m., and confronted a man who later was shot dead.
Barry Andre Preston Jr - 4/30/1983MSan Diego Police4/30/198323UnknownUnarmedUnknownUnknownExcessive ForceThe massive retraining program follows recommendations of a Special Task Force on the Carotid Restraint established after the death last April of Barry Preston Jr., 23, who died in police custody after he was subdued by a carotid hold.
Barry Wayne Morgan - 6/2/2003MSan Diego Police6/2/200341William CuddyMichael DayJeffrey GrossChristian SharpGunOak Park2000 Haniman Dr San Diego, CA 92105Gun ShotSan Diego police shot and killed a suicidal man who pointed a rifle at officers outside his Oak Park home, told negotiators he was despondent because his wife had left him. Neighbors said Morgan had been suffering from severe depression and had twice been treated at a psychiatric hospital.
Bart Head - UnknownMSan Diego PoliceUnknown24Vic Luna, William Howard, James RubleKnifeUnknownUnknownGun ShotA police review board yesterday determined that three officers who shot and killed a rape suspect followed department policy and should be returned to active duty. The board concluded that Officer Vic Luna, Cpl. William Howard and Sgt. James Ruble opened fire almost simultaneously at Bart Head, 24, after he lunged at one of them with a knife. Twelve shots were fired, and all struck Head, suspected of raping and tormenting a woman and her 14-year-old daughter.
Bartolome Rojas - 9/13/1992MSan Diego Sheriff9/13/199226UnknownN/AEl Cajon Jail250 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020In Custody Death Suicidewas found dead Sunday at the El Cajon Border Patrol station strangled himself and lay motionless for hours in a crowded holding cell before he was discovered by Border Patrol
Benito A. Gonzalez - 5/31/2007MUS Customs & Border Patrol5/31/200740UnknownUnarmedEscondido28100 Mountain Meadow Rd Escondido, CA 92026Gun ShotA Border Patrol agent fatally shot Benito A. Gonzalez, 40, during a struggle for the agent’s gun near Escondido. The man had given the agent a false name and ran from him as he tried to ask him about an investigation into illegal human smuggling.
Benito Ozuna Baca - 8/22/1999MCDC/CDR8/22/199927UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Benjamin A Pilarzyk - 8/31/2008MCDC/CDR8/31/200832UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Benjamin Pilarczyk - 8/31/2008MCDC/CDR8/31/200832UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideSan Diego Medical Examiner's Office says guards found 32-year-old Benjamin Pilarczyk of Fremont hanging from a bed sheet tied around his neck
Benjamin Territo - 11/19/2008MCDC/CDR11/19/200840UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179AccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Bernard Joseph Victorianne - 9/12/2012MSan Diego Sheriff9/12/201228UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death Drug OverdoseVictorianne was arrested on September 12, 2012, less than two blocks from the San Diego Police Department’s Mid-City station on suspicion of driving under the influence. A week later, he was found dead in his cell
Bernardino Chavarría - 12/13/1997MSan Diego Sheriff12/13/199721Remy DangUnarmedSan Marcos11 Woodland Pkwy San Marcos, CA 92069Gun ShotMr. Chavarría was a passenger in a car pulled over for a traffic stop by Sheriff’s Deputy Remy Dang. Deputy Dang, claiming Mr. Chavarría fired a weapon at him, shot and killed him. Evidence showed Mr. Chavarría did not fire a weapon. Rancheros Drive near Woodland Parkway in San Marcos
Bernardo Mondragon - 10/6/1986MSan Diego Police10/6/198623Peter MillsKnifeHillcrestUnknownGun Shotshot and killed by a San Diego police officer early Monday morning after he allegedly came at the officer with a knife He was shot twice in the chest by Officer Peter Mills 1986
Bertrand Vernon Martin - 9/15/2010MSan Diego Police9/15/201036UnknownN/ASan Diego Police Headquarters1401 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101Can Not Be DeterminedMartin was arrested on suspicion of attempting to burglarize a North Clairemont apartment after some residents tackled him and held him until police arrived, he was seen looking into apartment windows,.A resident, saw him on a patio and questioned what he was doing.”According to the resident, Martin responded by punching him and running away, but the resident caught up with him and other people rushed in to help hold Martin until police arrived. He complained of leg pain and was taken to a hospital where he was given the OK before being taken to headquarters, where he again complained of leg pain and difficulty breathing, Herbert said, adding that he died while being seen by paramedics.
Betty Jean Jenkins - 7/11/2006FSan Diego Sheriff7/11/200655UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108Can Not be DeterminedNo Further Information, Pending Research
Bill Roy Marion - 7/31/2003MSan Diego Sheriff7/31/200329UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Billy L Lewis - 5/4/2003MCDC/CDR5/4/200340UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Billy Leroy Holden - 8/18/1994MEl Cajon Police8/18/199430Steve Van SlykeGunEl Cajon1350 E Lexington Ave El Cajon, CA 92019Gun ShotBilly Leroy Holden, 30, a painter, had been drinking and was despondent over being out of work, opened fire with a shotgun at an El Cajon apartment complex and wounded a police officer and a passer-by before El Cajon police shot and killed him. Officer Steve Van Slyke, 32, and a bystander, Richard McKay, 31, were injured in the incident.
Billye Venable - 10/11/2003MSan Diego Police10/11/200326James HunterChristopher LeahyAnthony BuenoUnarmedEncanto6508 Wunderlin Ave., San Diego, 92114, San Diego, CAGun ShotSan Diego police Officer James Hunter shot and killed Billye Venable, 26, as he struggled with another officer during a traffic stop near the Encanto Recreation Center. Police said Venable, who was wanted for a parole violation, had tried to grab Officer Christopher Leahy’s gun.
Bradford Albert Sarten - 4/26/2010MSan Diego Police4/26/201055Mark BrennerKnifeNorth Park3400 Alabama Street, San Diego, 92104, San Diego, CAGun ShotSan Diego police Officer Mark Brenner fatally shot Bradford Albert Sarten, 55, during a confrontation at his mother’s North Park home. Sarten, who family said suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, was armed with a kitchen knife. He advanced toward officers and was shot.
Bradford Warr Powers - 10/12/1990MSan Diego Sheriff10/12/199046UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Brandon Lee Mason - 5/3/2014MSan Diego Sheriff5/3/201429UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Brandon Moyer - 3/11/2016MSan Diego Sheriff3/11/2016U/KUnknownN/AUnknownUnknownPending InvestigationMoyer was detained on felony drug charges.
Brian Kim - 11/24/2013MCDC/CDR11/24/201332UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death Drug OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Brian Montgomery Eccles - 11/16/1985MSan Diego Police11/16/198529Arthur WeatherfordGunMission BeachUnknownGun ShotAgent Arthur Weatherford killed Brian Montgomery Eccles Immigration & Naturalization Serviceide his apartment at Santa Clara Place. Eccles, 29, allegedly pointed a .38-caliber pistol at officers responding to a report of a man threatening to kill his wife.
Brian Ricardo Watkins - 2/4/2000MSan Diego Sheriff2/4/200029UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Broderick Glen Jochumsen - 7/18/1993MSan Diego Sheriff7/18/199326Joseph AlvarezScrewdriverVistaUnknownGun ShotSheriff's Deputy Joseph Alvarez shot and killed Broderick Jochumsen, 26, after he reportedly lunged at the officer with a large screwdriver. Jochumsen was being pursued for a domestic assault.
Bruce Charles McClure - 8/5/1986MEl Cajon Police8/5/198636Leroy BloomKnifeEl Cajon300 Millar Ave El Cajon, CA 92020Gun ShotBruce Charles McClure, 36, was shot and killed when he threatened police officers with a 12-inch knife outside an El Cajon apartment complex. Police officers Leroy Bloom and Renzle Crain and Cadet Dennis O'Neill had responded to a complaint of a domestic disturbance and a drunken man with a knife in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 300 block of Millar Avenue. Police said McClure himself called the 911 and told the dispatcher to "come and get me. I'm here."
Bruce Robert Guzzy - 4/9/1984MSan Diego Police4/9/198427Mike DeanVehicleEncantoUnknownGun ShotBruce Robert Guzzy, 27, was fatally shot by Officer Mike Dean shot in the Encanto area after the man allegedly tried to run over two undercover San Diego police officers while driving a stolen car.
Bruce Todd Riddle - 7/21/1990MSan Diego Police7/21/199029Loretta GlickRobert WalterKnifeCoronado2200 Coronado Ave, San Diego, CA 92154Gun Shotafter responding to a call that Riddle was under the influence of drugs and threatening to kill himself. At first, officers say, they talked to Riddle, who they say had a knife tied to his wrist and was acting irrationally. After an hour, though, police say, Riddle charged the officers with the knife.
Burton Mark Huddleston - 2/26/2002MCDC/CDR2/26/200245UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Byron Sheldon Shaw - 2/12/1999MSan Diego Police2/12/199922UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownExcessive ForceNo Further Information, Pending Research
Cao Van Lam - 11/17/2007MSan Diego Police11/17/200741Daniel HallDanny OrdunoMark BrennerNestor HernandezGunCity Heights3100 Madison Ave San Diego, CA 92116Gun ShotSan Diego police Sgt. Danny Orduno and Officers Daniel Hall, Nestor Hernandez, Mark Brenner, John Thompson and Randy Burgess fatally shot Cao Van Lam, 41, after he opened fire in his ex-wife's City Heights apartment, killing one man and wounding five others. He also wounded a state agent while fleeing.
Cara Evelynn Knott - 12/27/1986FCalifornia Highway Patrol12/27/198620Craig Alan PeyerUnarmedPowayUnknownStrangledPulled over by California Highway Patrol on dark street, was bound, gagged, murdered and body dumped off side of bridge
Carl Stan Nienajadlo - 3/15/1985MSan Diego Sheriff3/15/198541UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Carlos Alberto Miranda - 1/2/2001MSan Diego Sheriff1/2/200133UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108Accidentaldied in a jail cell, face down on an uncovered metal bed, a crew of sheriff's deputies clasping his limbs and struggling to restrain him. father and husband from National City, took his last breath in the grip of his guards and his own mental illness.
Carlos Antonio Sanchez - 9/23/2016MChula Vista Police9/23/201642UnknownN/AChula VistaUnknownPursuit CrashSanchez continued west onto Otay Lakes Road at a high rate of speed. As he approached state Route 125 overpass, he crashed into the rear of a truck, was ejected from his bike and hit a tree in the 2000 block of Otay Lakes Road
Carlos David Martinez - 10/3/2009MSan Diego Police10/3/200936Randy BurgessUnarmedSan Ysidro805 Camino De La Plaza, San Ysidro, CA 92173Gun ShotSan Diego police Officer Randy Burgess fatally shot auto-theft suspect Carlos Martinez, 36, near the U.S.-Mexico border. He had led police on a chase through South County, ramming several vehicles and firing at least five times at officers.
Carlos Hernandez Reyes - 1/27/1988MUS Customs & Border PatrolSan Diego Police1/27/198824Celso G. CuevaDana CunninghamJames EliasonRaymond MontoyaStephen StoneJohn BaileyToy GunUS/Mexico BorderUnknownGun ShotTwo men were shot to death Wednesday night, and a third was critically injured in a shooting involving members of the San Diego Police Department's Border Crime Prevention Unit.
Carlos Hernandez Santillan - 8/30/2000MSan Diego Sheriff8/30/200037UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownAccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Carlos La Gomez - 4/25/2004MCDC/CDR4/25/200425UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Carolyn Rodrick - 10/22/1997FSan Diego Sheriff10/22/199740Daniel RodrickN/AUnknownUnknownStabbingWhen Daniel Rodrick was led into a courtroom here last week, it was the culmination of two years' work by San Diego authorities investigating the death of Rodrick's wife, Carolyn. The 40-year-old salesman from Irvine had long been the focus of sheriff's homicide detectives, and when they arrested him last Wednesday it was because of an accumulation of evidence
Cedric Earl Pratt - 2/17/1987MNational City Police2/17/198721John MurrayKnifeNational CityUnknownGun ShotNational City patrolman John Murray fatally shot Cedric Earl Pratt, 21, as Pratt and another man fled from an attempted robbery of a Domino's Pizza store. Pratt was armed with a knife.
Chad Lawrence Resse - 8/3/2011MSan Diego Sheriff8/3/201137UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Chad Scott - 8/14/2015MCDC/CDR8/14/201543UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179Pending InvestigationNo Further Information, Pending Research
Chamlath Khamphan - 5/24/1996MSan Diego Police5/24/199620Derek DiazGunCity HeightsUnknownGun ShotSan Diego police Sgt. Derek Diaz fatally shot Chamlath Khamphan, 20, after Khamphan wounded Diaz and Officer Byron Joseph during an early morning struggle on a darkened City Heights street.
Charles E Coleman - 10/3/2009MCDC/CDR10/3/200943UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179AccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Charles Lawless - 5/16/2000MSan Diego Sheriff5/16/200058Susan LawlessUnarmedEastlakeUnknownGun ShotSusan Lawless, 43, telephoned Chula Vista police to say she had shot her husband. Officers who went to the couple's Eastlake home found 58-year-old Charles Lawless lying in the family room, dead from a gunshot wound.
Charles Leroy Phelps - 11/21/2007MSan Diego Sheriff11/21/200749UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Charles Vernon Johnson - 3/21/2005MSan Diego Sheriff3/21/200564UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Charles Wayne Connor - 9/24/1992MSan Diego Police9/24/199231UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownIn Custody Death OtherOnce handcuffed, Connor began having difficulty breathing and paramedics were called,Immigration & Naturalization Service said. Before they arrived, Connor, who was never placed in a police car, stopped breathing
Charlie Mccledon - 4/18/2015MCDC/CDR4/18/201521UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Chessmur Nicolo Cucchiara - 11/25/1997MSan Diego Police11/25/199746Joseph SchwalbachBottleBay Ho2974 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109Gun ShotHomeless with a drinking addiction and a history of mental problems. was sleeping in some bushes being searched by San Diego police. He was shot to death after cursing and throwing bottles at the officers who aroused him. near Santa Fe Street and Garnet Avenue
Chip Doonan - 1/8/1988MSan Diego Police1/8/198825Ron FeatherlyToy GunClairemont3500 Jemez Dr San Diego, CA 92117Gun Shotofficers followed him behind the garage, police said, they told Doonan to drop the weapon that he was carrying under his arm. Doonan was shot as he was reaching across his body for the gun with a free hand, police said. gun turned out to be bb gun A planted eucalyptus tree stands in South Clairemont Park in memory
Chris R Bravo - 11/26/2013MCDC/CDR11/26/201343UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Christopher Aaron Blenderman - 9/7/2012MSan Diego Sheriff9/7/201240UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownIn Custody Death Overdosehe was found dead from a lethal combination of meth, heroin and antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, some of which had been prescribed to him, some of which hadn't. His cellmate told a deputy that Blenderman had been "hoarding" medication.
Christopher Carroll - 6/18/2014MSan Diego Sheriff6/18/201451UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideMentally Ill, On June 18 at 11:45 a.m., Carroll inquired, via intercom, when he'd get his hour in the dayroom and was told it wasn't time yet. At 12:30, he was found with a noose around his neck, attached to the cell's top bunk.
Christopher George Heimbigner - 1/29/2000MSan Diego Police1/29/200028UnknownGunSouth Park2043 Fern St San Diego, CA 92104Gun ShotChristopher Heimbigner, 28, died in a shootout with San Diego police after crashing a carjacked BMW on the center divider state Route 94 and Federal Boulevard. Heimbigner, who left a suicide note, had attacked his girlfriend in a 7-Eleven parking lot in South Park, started a gunfight with officers who arrived to investigate and then escaped by taking a car at gunpoint.
Christopher George Trujillo - 2/7/2009MSan Diego Sheriff2/7/200939UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Christopher J Arenas - 8/2/1995MSan Diego County Probation8/2/199512UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownAccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Christopher James Cook - 12/1/2015MSan Diego Sheriff12/1/201547UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownIn Custody Death SuicideCook was arrested for an alleged narcotics felony. Cook died from injuries sustained from a blunt, club-like instrument.
Christopher Lawrence St. Louis - 2/16/2003MEl Cajon Police2/16/200318Tenaya WebbUnarmedSan Carlos7403 Jackson Dr, San Diego, CA 92119Gun ShotAn off-duty El Cajon police officer fatally shot a young man after stealing cartloads of beer from Vons on Mission Gorge Road and then charging the officer when she confronted him, fled after the shooting They were stopped by a sheriff's deputy at the intersection of Olive Lane and Via Zapado
Christopher Lee Hannowsky - 9/19/2012MSan Diego Sheriff9/19/201231Carlos CanelaKnifeVista1300 Palomar Pl Vista, CA 92084Gun ShotA gang-enforcement officer confronted the man because he appeared to be holding a knife. The two men got into a struggle. During the struggle the suspect allegedly took control of the officer's taser. The officer then drew his firearm, and fatally shot the man 1300 block of Palomar Place in Vista
Christopher Lloyd Frazer - 10/27/1998MSan Diego Police10/27/199834UnknownGunKensingtonUnknownGun ShotChristopher was shot at least 20 times and killed by three San Diego police officers. When the cops arrived, Christopher was leaving a jewelry store he had apparently decided agaImmigration & Naturalization Servicet robbing after someone called the police.
Christopher Ode Love - 6/14/1999MNational City Police6/14/199937UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownAccidentalNo Further Information, Pending Research
Christopher Ryan Conrad - 8/6/2004MSD Harbor Police8/6/200432UnknownN/AVista2978 Rosecrans St San Diego, CA 92106Pursuit Crashman was killed and a military police officer was critically injured when a high-speed chase on Rosecrans Street ended in a head-on collision Christopher Ryan Conrad of Vista was driving on Harbor Drive at Broadway when he ran a traffic light and failed to stop for Harbor Police, leading them on a chase up to 100 mph, San Diego police said. On Rosecrans Street in La Playa
Christopher Scott Mumm - 8/10/1994MSan Diego Police8/10/199432James C. ClarkVehicleBalboa Park2900 Park Boulevard San Diego, CA 92104Gun Shotofficer patrolling Balboa Park on bicycle shot the driver of a pickup who was trying to run over the officer's partner last night. Before the officer fired, the pickup driver backed over and crushed one of the officers' bicycles with his vehicle. After being shot, the pickup driver continued on for a half-block before crashing into a light pole on Park Boulevard
Claire Hough - 8/24/1984FSan Diego Police (Suspected)8/24/198414Kevin Charles BrownUnarmedTorrey PinesUnknownCan Not Be DeterminedSan Diego police said they believe one of the suspected killers was working among them as a criminalist in the same police lab where evidence of the teen’s brutal slaying
Claudia Garcia - 11/5/1992FUS Customs & Border Patrol11/5/199220UnknownN/ANational CityUnknownVehicle CrashA San Diego city bus hit and killed a young woman who tried to run across Interstate 5 in National City on Thursday morning after U.S. Border Patrol agents pulled over a van carrying about a dozen illegal immigrants
Clifford Daniels - 2/17/2001MChula Vista Police2/17/200140Pedro MontezAngela BillmanKnifeChula Vista657 5th Ave Chula Vista, CA 91910Gun ShotChula Vista police Officers Pedro Montez and Angela Billman shot and killed Clifford Daniels, 40, as he approached with several knives in his hands. A family member had called police to the home on Fifth Avenue, saying Daniels was suicidal and armed wih knives.
Clifford Wayne Poe - 7/29/2000MSan Diego Police7/29/200033Elias RodriguezUnarmedNorth Park4300 30th St San Diego, CA 92104Excessive ForceThe county medical examiner released autopsy results yesterday that say Clifford Poe died from choking caused by his struggle with police 30th Street in North Park
Corey P. Scherkenbach - 7/6/1993MCalifornia Highway PatrolSan Diego Sheriff7/6/199323Christina BerblingerDon HokensonUnarmedSanteeUnknownGun ShotCorey P. Scherkenbach, 23, wounded California Highway Patrol officer Christina Berblinger during a chase and exchanged fire with deputies before killing himself after being after being suspended from his job at a Santee manufacturing plant. Sheriff's Deputy Don Hokenson had wounded Scherkenbach.
Craig Forrest Jones - 10/4/1996MSan Diego Police10/4/199648David GarciaWard RickmanPhillip SchneiderDavid BertrandGunLa JollaUnknownGun ShotSan Diego SWAT officers shot and killed Craig Jones, 48, who had been on the lam as a federal fugitive for 14 years, when he pointed a gun at officers Ward Rickman, Phillip Schneider, David Bertrand, David Garcia and refused to drop it after a 19-hour standoff at his rented La Jolla condominium. Jones kept an arsenal of weapons and explosives in his town house and had a meth lab in his kitchen.
Craig Lane Petersen - 4/13/2011MSan Diego Sheriff4/13/201152Manuel DiazNail GunDescanso24019 Japatul Valley Rd, Alpine, 91901, San Diego, CAGun Shotwas sought for stabbing an acquaintance in Borrego Springs when his car was spotted at a Park and Ride lot in Descanso area.Petersen was in the cargo bed. As the sergeant approached, he grabbed something that looked like a weapon and the sergeant shot him in the chest. The object turned out to be a nailgun.
Cynthia D Floyd - 12/24/1989FSan Diego Sheriff12/24/198925UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Cynthia Lynn Maine - 2/21/1986FSan Diego Police2/21/198626Alfonso SalvatierraUnarmedUnknownUnknownCan Not Be Determinedpossible police involvement the case of Cynthia Maine, the daughter of former San Diego Police Officer Kenneth Maine. Like Gentile, Maine was a prostitute and police informant. She disappeared shortly after her release from jail in 1986, where she had served four months for writing bad checks. Maine's family identified several police officers that Maine was working with as an informant and at least one with whom she was sexually involved. Investigators are working under the assumption that Maine is dead, but her body has never been found.
Dale Thomas Burton - 3/26/1989MSan Diego Police3/26/198932UnknownGunPalomar MountainUnknownGun Shotbarricaded himself Immigration & Naturalization Serviceide a Palomar Mountain cabin was shot and killed by SWAT team officers Sunday night after a tense nine-hour standoff.
Daniel Glen Fleming - 2/8/1982MSan Diego Sheriff2/8/198221UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Daniel James Sisson - 6/27/2011MSan Diego Sheriff6/27/201121UnknownN/AVista Detetion Facility325 S Melrose Dr, Vista, CA 92081Custody Release DeathSisson had been arrested the week before and posted bail, so he and his mom assumed the court appearance would be routine— he'd plead not guilty and wait for his next hearing. But that’s not what happened. Because Sisson was on probation from an earlier conviction— also for drug possession—he was taken into custody. As deputies handcuffed him, he turned to look at his mom. “It’s the saddest look I've ever seen,” Brummette says. Less than two days later, Sisson was dead. His stay in jail was so short that his autopsy report noted that the ink from his booking fingerprints was still on his fingers. The medical examiner listed the cause of death as asphyxiation from an acute asthma attack, with heroin withdrawal as a contributing factor.
Daniel Jordan - 12/4/2009MSan Diego Sheriff12/4/200931UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108Excessive Forcedied within four hours of being booked into San Diego's Central Jail in 2009; he'd reportedly called his wife to tell her he'd been beaten up by the Chula Vista police officers who arrested him, and he sounded "very drugged" over the phone, his wife told a medical examiner's investigator.
Daniel L. Price - 6/28/1994MSan Diego Sheriff6/28/199435Sam SheppardSteven TallJohn GroffSteven ClauseUnarmedPowayUnknownExcessive Forcedied after San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputies pepper sprayed and forcibly restrained him, Vaughan Road near Tobaisson Road
Daniel Lee Tremper - 10/8/2008MCDC/CDR10/8/200856UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
Daniel Pedroza - 4/7/2014MOceanside Police4/7/201425Jeff BrandtGunOceanside1351 N Harbor Dr, Oceanside, CA 92054Gun ShotOceanside police Sgt. Jeff Brandt shot and killed Daniel Pedroza, 25, who pulled an unloaded pistol from his sweatshirt pocket after being found sleeping on a bench on North Harbor Drive. Pedroza was described as a gang member from San Pedro who had drugs in his system when he died.
Daniel Robert Avila - 8/4/2015MUS Customs & Border PatrolOrange County Police8/4/201555David ZillChris LambertaDoug EllithorpeAnthony FazioMark AluiaUnarmedCamp PendletonLas Pulgas Rd Camp Pendleton North, CA 92055Gun ShotFive law officers fatally shot Daniel Avila, 55, near Camp Pendleton after he threatened to shoot a sheriff’s deputy and later approached the other officers with his arm extended and partially covered. He turned out to be unarmed. Involved were three Orange County deputies and two U.S. Border Patrol agents.
Daniel Toro López - 3/27/1999MUS Customs & Border Patrol3/27/199926Stephen SullivanN/AUS/Mexico BorderUnknownCrashed while Transportedkilled, along with the agent, when his overloaded Ford Bronco crashed down a steep embankment east of San Diego
Danny Allen “The Walker” Woodyard - 2/4/2003MSan Diego Police2/4/200334Patrick HallKnifeOcean Beach5137 W Point Loma Blvd San Diego, CA 92107Gun ShotDanny was a well-known homeless man, who was always seen walking around the community, hence his nickname he had been dumpster diving with his only tool, an old knife. Thinking he was a drug dealer they were looking for, Danny was confronted by police officers, who ordered him to drop his knife. What happened next was viewed by dozens of OB residents called out to their porches, front doors and windows by the noise of the confrontation. West Point Loma Boulevard, near Dog Beach
Danny Ray Patterson - 5/16/2006MCDC/CDR5/16/200639UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
Dario Amador Martinez III - 8/7/2007MSan Diego Police8/7/200728David HighsmithMatthew DobbsWilliam PettusChris TivanianMark BrennerMichael DewittGunLinda Vista6675 Linda Vista Rd San Diego, CA 92111Gun Shotwas wanted in the shooting of Adrian Ceniceros in Otay Mesa. Martinez was shot by police who were conducting surveillance after getting a tip that Martinez was at an apartment in Linda Vista. According to police, Martinez fired his weapon at the two detectives before they shot him, striking Pettus in the abdomen.An autopsy report stated Martinez was shot 13 times in the head, torso, and upper and lower body. Officer Matthew Dobbs, who also fired at Martinez but missed, also was cleared of any wrongdoing.
Darryl Lamark Johnson - 7/23/2006MSan Diego Police7/23/200640Michael DewittUnarmedLogan Heights4500 Logan Ave San Diego, CA 92113Gun ShotStopped on a bike for no headlight, took off on foot pursuit, held in sleeper hold, elbowed, punched, kicked in back by Officer Dewitt, died in hospital 7 days later of cardiopulmonary arrest. witnesses were screaming at the police for beating and choking Johnson during incident. 4500 block of Logan Avenue
David Arnulfo Lopez - 10/21/2006MSan Diego Sheriff10/21/200627Jacob PavlenkoJonathan FecteauShawn AitkenUnarmedVista1205 N Santa Fe Ave, Vista, CA 92084Gun ShotSheriff’s Deputies Shawn Aitken, Jacob Pavlenko and Jonathan Fecteau fatally shot David Arnulfo Lopez, 27, of Vista after he threatened his wife and attacked neighbors before rushing the deputies. Most of the bullets that struck him hit him in the back. A jury sided with deputies in two wrongful death suits.
David Bruce Inge - 8/10/2013MSan Diego Sheriff8/10/201354UnknownN/AVista Detetion Facility325 S Melrose Dr, Vista, CA 92081In Custody Death Drug OverdoseDeputies took Inge to the Vista jail, for violating his probation. Riggs checked the Sheriff’s “Who’s in Jail Website” and confirmed that David was in custody at the Vista jail. But the next morning, she says her boyfriend’s name was gone from the jail roster. So Riggs and her friend, made phone calls to the jail, to find out David and talk with him. "And they gave us the run around,” “Telling us to call back. It’s a shift change. It’s this. It's that." Helgren kept detailed notes about those phone calls, including one entry that shows she talked with a jail supervisor “That deputy told me that David was released over the weekend." So Riggs and Helgren made more phone calls. Riggs was sure David would come back home if released from jail, and figured he had been arrested again, Four days later, they still hadn't found David. and says she was frantic. “Nobody knows nothing,” she recalls. “We've got no answers.She and Dawn continued their search. On Sunday, Aug. 18, they called Inge’s daughter, Nicole Johnson.That’s how Johnson learned that her boyfriend had died in custody 9 days prior.
David Chavez - 9/26/1986MSan Diego Sheriff9/26/198639Fred MannGunVista547 Santa Fe Dr Encinitas, CA 92024Gun ShotDavid Chavez, 39, of Valley Center shot deputy Dean Mesa with his own service revolver and was shot to death by reserve Deputy Fred Mann during a confrontation near a Vista bar. Deputy Dean M. Mesa was shot once in the abdomen during a struggle.
David Dwayne White - 2/24/1984MSan Diego Police2/24/198423William P. SmithGunClairemontUnknownGun ShotDavid Dwayne White, 23, was shot to death by police outside his grandparents' home in Clairemont after he reportedly waved a pistol at officers Robert James, William P. Smith and Phillip Ludwig, begging to be "blown away" and refusing pleas to put his weapon down.
David Ennis - 6/13/2008MCDC/CDR6/13/200824UnknownN/AR. J. Donovan Correctional Facility480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179In Custody Death OverdoseNo Further Information, Pending Research
David Francis Linden - 6/21/1981MSan Diego Sheriff6/21/198124UnknownN/ASD County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92108In Custody Death SuicideNo Further Information, Pending Research
David K. Stucki - 5/12/1988MSan Diego Sheriff5/12/198828UnknownN/AUnknownUnknownIn Custody Death Drug OverdoseDied in the back of squad car, after being arrested on drug charges and disturbing the peace
David L. Gaddy - 9/23/1982MChula Vista Police